10 Good Reasons why Entering the Wales Food and Drink awards ceremony is hugely beneficial:

  • Free marketing – entering an awards is an excellent marketing tool and it’s free. Even if you don’t win you can use being a finalist/shortlisted to your advantage to help build on your business brand awareness.
  • Peer recognition – It boosts your company’s worth in their field and gains peer recognition.
  • Boost Team Morale – If staff feel appreciated for the work they do then they are likely to continue working with enthusiasm. This in turn this will attract talented people to want to work for your business. 
  • Recognition – winning or even just being nominated for an award are a strong indicator of trust and respect among customers.
  • Exposure – an awards ceremony is a great networking opportunity to put your business in front of key people within your industry.
  • Increased sales – businesses that regularly enter and win an awards report increased sales and income against businesses that don’t.
  • Forward thinking – Successful businesses like to work with other successful businesses.
  • Support your Industry – by helping to build awareness of all of the hard work the people in your industry are doing.
  • Competitors – set yourself apart from your competitors and give your customers no other option than to want to work with your ‘Award Winning’ business.
  • Free – It’s completely free to enter so what have you got to lose?

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