Top tips on How to Enter an Awards Ceremony

  • Plan Ahead – Allow yourself plenty of time to write an awards nomination. Write it, go away and come back to it to proof read and edit.
  • Correct category – Make sure you are applying for the right category – read the criteria properly first.
  • Involve others – Getting someone to proof read is helpful to check spelling and also that what you are saying is clear, concise and relevant. The panel may not know the organisation so giving context is important, asking someone removed to read your nomination will help ensure this.
  • Preparation is key – Exactly why should this person or business win this award? If you can’t sum this up in your opening sentence then your argument is too long. In the introduction introduce the nominee and the context of your nomination.
  • Criteria – Address the criteria and why the nominee meets it. Where possible include facts and figures to add to credibility.
  • Style – Stay clear on reasons and evidence throughout.
  • Conclusion – A short summary of how you have covered all the criteria and pointing out the strongest areas. Check your spelling and grammar, take your time, stick to the word limit and remember that less is more – quality not quantity. Also making sure you use all of the word count allocated e.g. if the word count is 500 words then this is guidance that the judges expect you to write around that amount – don’t sell yourself short by only using half of that.
  • Final Tips – Try not to use jargon, be clear and concise. Don’t assume the judges know you, or your business or your strategies and aims.
  • Create impact – Use examples, testimonials, evidence, facts and figures to demonstrate any statements you make.

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